By Carles Garcia-Cabrera

I started my internship at MEDIS two months ago, where I am having the opportunity to work on industry products related to my research, the automatic segmentation of cardiac MRI.

 Thanks to ML-Labs and MEDIS I am learning about the different stages of clinical products and I am widening my knowledge and skills. Moreover, I have the opportunity to understand how many imaging disciplines intersect and what is needed to give clinicians better tools for their diagnostics. 

The software that MEDIS provides is best in class and vendor-independent, and it is used both in research and in clinical routine. Being trained on it allows me to have a better understanding of all the stages necessary for the medical diagnosis  after a scan is taken. The whole process is complex and very interesting at the same time, and it triggers my creativity to think about how to use Machine Learning to improve the tools currently used by healthcare professionals. Working with them on a project is a pleasure and a great opportunity for my career.

It is fantastic to get familiar with the research carried out in this industry, but it is even better to do that with the very talented members of the Applied Research team of MEDIS, who are wonderful teammates as well.