The purpose of the EDI committee is to provide oversight of EDI within ML-Labs.  The committee shall:

  • promote a culture of equality and diversity within ML-Labs;
  • provide a point of contact for students, named supervisors and staff of ML-Labs who have issues with respect to equality and inclusion.
  • monitor the equality and diversity targets of ML-Labs as set by SFI and recommend remedial action if required;
  • encourage students and named supervisors to consider equality and inclusion in PhD projects.


The membership of the committee will include one representative from each of the partner universities, typically a named supervisor but can be external to ML-Labs if they have appropriate EDI experience. Membership of the committee will be nominated by ML-Labs Executive and appointed by the Governance Committee. The chairperson of the committee will be elected by the membership.

Appointments to the committee must be informed by the objective of achieving gender balance in so far as possible and considerations of other areas of diversity.

The membership term will be the same as that of the Governance Committee.

Meeting arrangements

The committee will meet once a year twice a year, once during each academic semester.  Minutes of the meeting will be made available to ML-Labs Exec and to the Governance Committee.


Membership 2022 to 2024

Sarah Jane Delany – TU Dublin

Fintan Costello – UCD

Fiona Carvill – DCU

Antonella Ferrecchia – UCD