EDI Statement

The SFI Centre for Research Training in Machine Learning is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion for all students and staff who are associated with the Centre.

The Centre has three academic partners, UCD, DCU and TU Dublin. As all students and staff associated with the Centre are registered or employed with one of the partner universities the policies and procedures which apply in their respective university are available to them. The links below give access to the EDI information and Dignity and Respect policies in each partner university:

The SFI Centre for Research Training in Machine Learning has an EDI Committee with Terms of Reference. This committee has representatives from each partner university and meets at least once each semester.

If any student in the Centre has any concerns about EDI they can contact the EDI Committee member from their university as a first point of contact.

The membership of the EDI Committee is currently:

Sarah Jane Delany (chair) TU Dublin: sarahjane.delany@tudublin.ie

Fintan Costello UCD: fintan.costello@ucd.ie

Antonella Ferrecchia UCD: antonella.ferrecchia@ucd.ie

Angela Lally DCU: angela.lally@dcu.ie