The Industry Partnership Morning is an opportunity for our industry partners to join us to discuss recent developments in machine learning research, to meet our PhD candidates, and to explore opportunities to collaborate with our centre through industry placements for PhD candidates or deeper research engagements Check the AGENDA of the event for more details.


Industry engagementBrian Mac Namee
Emotions and synthetic text – Alan Cowap
Efficient neural machine translation – Wandri Jooste
High level control of timbre synthesis – Anastasia Natsiou
Time series techniques for return to play predictions using wearable sensor data – Bahavathy Kathirgamanathan
Learning to solve electric vehicle routing problems – James Fitzpatrick
Using Machine Learning to support physical exercise, particularly for marathon running Ciara Feely
Machine Learning against cardiovascular diseases – Carles Garcia Cabrera
Unsupervised learnng with graph neural networks – Yasser Abdelaziz Dahou Djilali
Explaining with cases: computational & psychological explorations in explainable AI Courtney Ford
Time series classification with explanationTrang Nguyen
Improving COVID-19 contact tracing using Machine Learning Jack Nickolls and Niamh Belton