Dr Paula Carroll – 

As part of the International Women’s Day celebrations,

Dr Paula Carroll, ML-Labs research leader, welcomed guest speaker, Dr Alessandra Sala, Director of AI and Data Science at Shutterstock to talk about Women in AI- Ethical Leadership.

The interview was part of the International Women’s Day celebrations in collaboration with the network UCD Women at STEM

Dr Sala engaged with participant’s queries about how the actions needed to achieve gender equality. Dr Sala advocates for diversity to be supported through technical skills development programmes. The Women in AI Ireland initiative promotes education of women and minorities allowing them to gain relevant skills and to be recognised for their talent. Dr Sala noted that women seem to have a natural affinity towards AI and data/analytics-oriented jobs due to their inner curiosity and desire to explore, delve deeper into a topic, which is actually the secret of their success. Dr Sala reminded participants that action can be achieved, sometimes it may take as little as asking for balance, or sometimes attempting something bigger such as the Women in AI Ireland Certificate in AI to support women and minorities.

A recording of the webinar is available here.