Bahavathy Kathirgamanathan –

A couple of weeks ago, fifteen of us ML-Labs students had the opportunity to attend an online training event run by Huawei introducing us to novel AI architectures used for machine learning algorithms and applications. The training was given to us by Heiko Joerg Schick who is currently the chief architect of advanced computing at Huawei and Salli Moustafa both from Huawei’s Munich Research Centre.

It was interesting to learn about the end-to-end lifecycle of AI projects and to hear about the challenges that AI projects can face. In academia we get limited chances to see how AI projects are run in industrial settings and so this session was useful in giving us a small snapshot into what some of us may be working on a few years from now. The real life examples in domains such as medicine that were shared was also interesting and informative for us.

The interactive session at the end of the event allowed us to get a hands on experience at using the Mind studio IDE for training on the Atlas developer board. We thank our hosts for running us through examples step by step and patiently helping us to solve any issues that arose.

On behalf of those of us who were at the event, we thank Huawei for taking the time to offer us the training and we hope there will be more sessions like this in the future.