We were honoured to be part of this event which was held on the 8th April 2024 celebrating the research of AI pioneer, Professor Geoffrey Hinton. He spent time meeting students and researchers during an ‘Ask me anything on AI’ afternoon session. Later that evening, he was awarded UCD Ulysses medal which presented to him by Professor Orla Feely, President of University College Dublin, followed by a citation by Dr Andrew Hines. Professor Hinton then spoke to wider audience in an insightful and thought-proviking way about the future of AI and it’s impact on society. Professor Geoffrey Hinton is considered to be the ‘Godfather of AI’ having spent a lifetime teaching computer to learn, specialising in artificial neural networks and the applications of backpropagation. ML-Labs Directors, Dr Georgiana Ifrim, Dr Brian Mac Namee and Dr Andrew Hines, ML-Labs PI and Director of Research, Innovation and Impact at the UCD School of Computer Science are pictured above in the company of Professor Hinton.